The weakening of steel price support makes the market mentality not strong. The weakening of steel price support makes the market mentality not strong

To understand the approximate range of mold material prices, it is necessary to consider factors such as imported and domestic choices, required specifications and quantities. In addition, factors such as transportation distance, processing requirements and whether tax is included will also have an impact on the price. For accurate pricing information, please contact our online customer service who will provide you with a detailed price range for mold materials.

The weakening of steel price support makes the market mentality not strong

During the Spring Festival holiday, the market is basically closed, steel shipments sharply reduced, the number of manufacturers inventory continued to rise, so far has been 6 weeks of continuous growth, and the increase in inventory during the Spring Festival this year is larger than in previous years, undoubtedly increasing pressure on the current steel market. During the Spring Festival, steel mills shipped slowly, and the pace of delivery accelerated after the festival. New data show that the total inventory of major steel varieties in the country increased by 2,329,300 tons from January 24, a sharp rise of 15.11%, reaching 17,748,800 tons. Because there is no demand, social inventories have also increased, suppressing the rebound in steel prices after the holiday.

However, in March and April, there will still be a wave of procurement market release, under the influence of the small peak of demand release, steel prices or there will be a wave of rising prices, the market has been expected to iron ore after the holiday is difficult to fall, the savings of steel prices after the support is still large, and the current weakness of the savings, perhaps a little surprise, for steel price support weakened, making the market mentality is not strong.

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