Wuxi S55C carbon steel, Shanghai S55C carbon steel, Zhejiang S55C carbon steel

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S55C die steel factory status, related parameters and precautions

Wuxi S55C carbon steel | Suzhou S55C carbon steel | Zhejiang S55C carbon steel

Chemical composition of S55C

C0.52 ~ 0.58

Si0.15 ~ 0.35

Mn0.60 ~ 0.90

P 0.030 or less

S 0.035 or less

Cu 0.30 or less

Ni 0.20 or less

Cr 0.20 or less

Features of S55C

Excellent wear resistance, but the ductility is reduced, quenching is easy to deformation and cracking, so quenching is extremely important, and must be cooled after tempering to avoid tempering brittleness. The steel cutting is difficult, need to carry out spheroidization treatment to improve the cutting performance, in principle tempered to the hardness of 19~22HRC, in order to facilitate mechanical processing.

S55C Uses:

Can be used for a variety of cold mold pad;

Jig fixing plate;

Standard template materials, etc

S55C Supply status and hardness:




Wuxi S55C carbon steel | Suzhou S55C carbon steel | Zhejiang S55C carbon steel

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